Project Description

Craft Inc.


Attleboro, Massachusetts

System Size



408,841 kWh/Year



Project Description

When owners of family-run Craft Inc. wanted to go green, they wanted to go all the way. So when the company went looking for a system to generate electricity from sunlight, the goal was to provide virtually all of the facilities’ power needs from solar panels.

Craft Inc. is a manufacturer and provider of quality self-fastening and non-self-fastening hardware. With high demand, high air conditioning loads, and an extensive line of heavy machinery, Craft needed a solution that was going to drastically cut their bill and keep them low for years to come. A 310 kW system with 1,218 panels was designed for Craft to knock out their $9,000 per month electric bill. Craft’s system features a unique combination of solar technologies. In addition to an expansive rooftop installation, a long solar awning greets employees at the main entrance, while the back parking lot sports a wide, protective carport. This system is poised to meet over 90% of Craft’s electric bill each year, showcasing how a high electric bill and a shortage of space can be nearly eliminated by way of creative solar design and installation.

With a 30 percent federal solar tax credit and state solar energy incentives expected to total $1.1 million over 10 years will allow Craft to break even on its solar energy investment in only five years. The company expects to save about $2.7 million in energy bills over 25 years.

Company officials said that by making the company more energy efficient, solar will help keep Craft competitive with foreign firms that produce products similar to the company’s picture frame hardware, latches and turn buttons.

“It’s really a no-brainer,” Co-Owner, Roy said.

“It’s nice to be able to look at the electric meter and see it going backwards,” sales manager Adam Ruthowski said.